Type in the name of a famous place or an adress in Paris to pin it on the map. Just start typing, we'll help you find it !
Use the menu to filter the points on the map by topic. When the topic is selected, you will be prompted a selection of sub-topics.
Access a selection of famous places from the topic you selected.
Zoom in and out with the navigation tools on the map. Explore the map ! Some points only appear when you get closer to certain areas...
Read a detailed article about a place by clicking 'learn more'. To get back to exploring the map, click on the close button.
Once you learned more about a place, you'll be able to calculate the metro route to get there from an adress in Paris or another point on the map. Please note that the metro route calculated by the system is a simplified route which doesn't take any traffic perturbations into account.
As the route is displayed on the map, you keep the access to the details of the route. To start again and get back to exploring the map, click the close button.